Signs Your Yard May Require Sprinkler Repair

sprinkler repair isn't something most people want to do. With all the different parts and pieces that make up this device, it can be difficult to keep track of where you currently have it and what needs to be replaced. If you are like most people, though, it's no mystery that you need to have this vital piece of equipment fixed soon. Here to help you, here are five common sprinkler repair problems and tips to keep on top of how to fix them:

Unusual Sprinkler Maintenance If you're like most people, you probably haven't had your sprinkler repair costs go up yet. To make sure the proper functioning of your sprinklers are still here to spare, here are a few signs to watch for to help see if you've got a specific problem: uneven water levels are an obvious sign that your system isn't working right and require immediate repairs. This is the average cost of having your entire sprinkler system replaced. It can be very costly to replace even just one faulty valve or nozzle, so don't neglect to check your levels often to keep this problem from developing into something more serious.

Damaged Backflow Preventer The second problem that can significantly increase your sprinkler repair costs is damage to the backflow preventer valve. These pieces of hardware are put in place to stop the water flow from flowing backwards into your home. If anything is able to break them, including a clogged pipe or a cracked section, the water will not flow properly and can cause leaks or damage to surrounding structures. It can also create the potential for burning as grease, which is extremely hazardous. If you notice any signs of damage on the valve or pipes, replacing sprinkler heads may be necessary to prevent further problems.

High Service Calls Fee A high service call fee is another common sign of a problematic irrigation system. Some companies charge a monthly or annual service fee to maintain your system, which means if there are any problems with it you'll need to pay for that service fee again. Even if your system only needs minimal maintenance, you should still consider repairing it yourself just in case this does happen.

Damaged Controllers If your valves or controllers aren't functioning normally, this is an indication that the wiring has been disconnected. Many times a homeowner will notice that the valves do not work when trying to water their lawn, but don't realize that they are suffering from a disconnected wire. A damaged wire is similar to a disconnected heater or air conditioning unit and can be easily fixed. Calling an experienced irrigation specialist to fix this problem is a good way to avoid larger issues. Find out more about the tree maintenance from Tempe Landscaping.

Other Signs That You Need Sprinkler Repair Your yard might look perfectly nice from the ground level, but there could be some issues below the surface. For example, it could have a couple of dry spots where the grass isn't growing properly. Those dry spots could indicate that your sprinkler system is needing more watering, so make sure to either aerate your lawn before using it, or repair the heads that are damaged. Sprinkler systems need to be maintained in all areas, so it's important to either hire a landscaping professional to do the job for you, or take care of it yourself. Either way, you're sure to save money on the amount of water your yard uses by hiring a specialist instead of doing it yourself.

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